Christophe finisher sur l'IM Barcelone

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Those who do not want to read, do not read, those who want to have a video of me reading it to you because you do not know how to read ask me and those who do not speak English ... I can give you classes with my teacher (Drey Drey)

hello everyone, here is the report of my first ironman !!

Chapter 1: Why Barcelona

A year ago with friends (Guillaume Bgd Stephane Bolle Bil Nabil Florent Collot Thomas Laugrand) we chose to do the one in Barcelona as it was not too difficult and our women could enjoy the weather and mojitos !!!

A year of preparation for a race, OUR race of the year !! Some are more than ten, some have lived their first IM Hawai (Thierry Piccoli) BRAVO to him and thank you, I lived for my share my first full.

Chapter 2: Swimming

3800m!! We wait on the beach that our turn arrives, I do not feel stress but a certain excitement and an impatience to live it !!! 8:30 am it's mine, I throw myself in the water and I swim, I feel really good .. I want to speed up but I think that the day is still long and I take no risk! I take advantage of the seabed (yes we see the bottom of the water), my bubbles do not melt me afraid, I keep my tempo and I leave the water in 1:08. Really satisfied given that I had set 1:15 / 20

Go on dry, rinse salt water, and en route for the bike ...

Chapter 3: The bike

En route for 180km !!!! From the first km I feel good and I feel I will take pleasure! 2 loops and a half, we constantly meet with friends !! We're in the air of penalty (hein Flo !?) .. But mostly I get dropped by platoons, I do not drafte to avoid sanctions but it's frustrating on Ironman to see groups of 20/30 cyclists! Come on I do not go out of my race and I keep on my pace. Second turn we have the wind of face, I slow down forcefully knowing that the return will be better! Indeed I do not descend under 39km / h on the return and I take pleasure !!! At the end of the rounds we also have our team of supporters who made noise all day to support us (you were magic friends) !! Going more than 40km we regale, the legs go well and I feel that the time on the bike will be shorter than expected ...

A last pass in front of our fans and we head towards the park by bike! 5h15 a little over 34km / h

I come to the transition to attack the running, I take my gels in the pocket and it is gone ...

Chapter 4: Running

It's time for the marathon !!! In my head I tell myself that I leave for 5 hours of racing, at no time have the feeling of having run 42km !!

I leave a little fast, I think my darling on the edge that follows me on the application and who must say "it's not possible !!! I had dide to leave cautiously" .. Hey well she was right. .. Fall in the back of the peloton, fall at the back of the peloton! When I wanted to overtake (yes it happens to me in race to feet lol) the change of surface makes me stumble and I spread like a whale fail on the ground, I rise, I try to provide the damage (minimal, some scratches) and I leave but this time more reasonably. The km is chained I feel good and I pass the semi in less than 2 hours, I am satisfied but I feel it gets harder. With Guillaume who is a few meters from me we support! I do not have cramps or pain but fatigue feels! I run between the ravitos and walk as I drink. 28th km I pass in front of our COP of supporters always as noisy and re-motivating, more than 14km I do the calculation in my head to know how long I have to run (hey yes I still tell myself that I will run 5h) I keep my pace to run and walk just to the ravito .. I see the miles that deflect ... PUTAIN I will finish my Ironman, this run of madness, this crazy atmosphere .. I approach the red carpet, hear the speaker, the music and I come on the carpet is madness, people shout, scream I see my darling, friends, I give them cuckoo but they do not notice my sign! No grâve I KIIIIIFFFFE .. I HAVE IT !! I hear the peaker say these words that we wanted to hear "CHRISTOPHE YOU ARE AN IRONMAN" all the emotions are linked by passing the line ... I still have an important thing to do!

4h30 pour le marathon et 10h63 ou 11h03 pour les puristespour l'IM

je tiens à remercier sincèrement Olivier Bertuzzi pour tes conseils, ta patience, tes petites remontrances qui m'ont servis mais n'empèche y'a pas à dire un bon mille feuille à 18h ça passe bien!!! Félicitations pour ta course également, un jour tu auras droit à Hawai aussi tu le mérites!!

Merci à ma chérie Bernardi Delphine qui m'a soutenu, encouragé, supporter dans tous les sens du terme mais quand j'étais aggaçant lorsque je manquais de sucre mdr.. je t'aime!!!!

Je n'oublie pas Guillaume Fouache, merci mon pote pour le vélo et tout le reste!! C'est une bombe!! 

Arnaud L'hote notre mécano à la caserne qui a pris soin de mon vélo jusqu'au bout!!!

Mon kine Brian , mon ostheo Sophie Raimondi un grand merci, et aux médecins qui se sont occupés de moi après ma fichue blessure en avril!!!

ET....... Nos supporters les tuches griff'auVivien LaugrandaCindy WuesteLoic VaugingLauri BouBJulie PoumeyreaueCatherine DaCrastaAline BgdBgd ainsi drey et Bernardi Delphine

Sans oublie notre petit ange Chahm qui a veillé sur nous toute la course